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Agent Banks / Credit Unions


EpicPay is pioneering payment solutions for the banking industry. Our team consists of experienced strategists, thought leaders, capable of serving your needs and meeting dynamic market demands. Recognize the power of the exponential as our team becomes an extension of yours.

We are committed to the delivery of intelligent technology. We provide superior debit and credit card services, prepaid programs, mobile solutions, point-of-sale solutions, and fraud mitigation that increase profitability. Reap the rewards of advanced systems.

We enter partnerships as a trusted advisor. Together we will generate revenue boosting programs that expand your brand. Realize greater market share as you reach more customers with better merchant services.

EpicPay offers relevant and scalable solutions as diverse as the businesses and consumers you serve.

Credit Unions

EpicPay understands the unique demands credit unions face. Retaining members, building loyalty, and increasing revenue is only part of what contributes to your success.

We’ve earned the reputation as a trusted resource by consulting organizations at their greatest point of need.

Our Think Forward team will implement programs based on your annual growth plans. This group of experts will help you plan, promote, and manage thriving and profitable campaigns that meet your specific goals.

Whether you need help protecting your organization, creating payment efficiencies, growing your member base or increasing profitability EpicPay is a proven partner committed to your ultimate success.

Fraud Mitigation

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Chargebacks

Advisory Services

  • Data and Reporting
  • Portfolio Optimization

Payment Processing

  • Credit
  • Debit
  • Prepaid
  • Card Production

ATM Solutions

  • Operations Support
  • ATM Management
  • Telecom Services
  • Network Gateway Services
  • Jeanie® Network

Merchant Services

  • Merchant Services for Financial Institutions