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Loyalty Cards


Loyalty and Rewards programs supply customers with cards used to accumulate dollars, reward points, or a percentage back in a merchant’s store or business. Merchants are able to predetermine the levels of rewards or points that will drive business, build a strong rapport with new customers, and keep their current customers coming back. Consumers appreciate being rewarded and earning something back on their purchases.

Types of Loyalty Programs

  • Frequency Reward Program – The Frequency Reward Program offers a flexible way for customers to purchase a set number of items or receive a free or discounted item or service.

  • Dollar Reward Program – The Dollar Reward Program offers customers a way to earn rewards based on their spending. The points can be converted to a dollar value, added back onto the card automatically, and used toward future store credit.

  • Rebate/Discount – The Rebate/Discount Program allows merchants to reward consumers based on a percentage of the sale amount. Most systems will handle the conversion and calculations and add the percentage to the card after the purchase.

  • Frequency Program – The Frequency Program offers the customer a reward based on a set number of items purchased or visits. The merchant can choose the number of purchases required and the item/service that the reward balance can be redeemed for.