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Ingenico i7780 Wireless


The Ingenico® i7780 is the perfect wireless terminal for any environment where it’s either required or desired to bring the point of payment to your customer. Pay-at-table restaurants and customer-present retail payment environments such as curbside customer pick up

Ingenico 5100


Exceptional ergonomic design, combined with outstanding reliability, has helped make the i5100 the world’s best-selling terminal, with over 1 million units sold each year. Compact, yet packed full of functionality, it’s the perfect cost effective payment solution for merchants with medium or low transaction levels.

FD400Ti Wireless


Many businesses, such as in-home services or trade-show retailers, operate and receive payment for services in remote locations. Traditional wired terminals are not portable or require power and communication outlets that are often not available.

Equinox Optimum M4230 Wireless


Equinox's Optimum M4230 is a unique mobile merchant terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design while meeting today's most stringent industry standards for wireless terminal security. Created to operate on the same terminal application foundation as the popular Optimum T4200 family, the M4200 series expands the 4200 range, adding mobility to the Optimum terminal family line.

Dejavoo V9 Wireless


The Dejavoo V9 Wireless GPRS solution with ZigBee technology empowers your merchant with the features and tools to manage and increase business on the go! Designed for durability, mobility, and longevity the V9 ZigBee technology consumes less power and can initialize into active mode in less than 15 milliseconds.