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Cash Advance

EpicPay works with our funding partners to purchase a percentage of your future credit card receipts and advance those funds to you allowing you to pay it back comfortably through your merchant account. 

Agent Sales Portal

In our efforts to provide you with the "next level of service," EpicPay has created a new sales tool called the Sales Portal.

The Sales Portal is a web based tool for sales offices, sales representatives and remote users to access critical information concerning their respective business. This web based system is a direct extension of our internal database. This means that all information is real time and everyone in the company is operating from the same set of data and information.

My EpicPay

The ways your customers buy goods and services evolve daily and you need sophisticated reporting tools to keep pace. Accessing up-to-date transaction data is crucial in order to manage your business effectively. MyEpic Pay is a secure password-protected website that allows merchants to manage their transactions, view account statements, generate reports, and more. With this resource having instant access to critical aspects of your business just got easier.

Merchant Advantage

Open a Merchant Account

  • One Month FREE Processing
  • Next Day Funding
  • 90 Day Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Quick and Easy Approvals