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VeriFone 1000SE Contactless PIN Pad

VeriFone 1000SE Contactless PIN Pad 2


VeriFone’s 1000se contactless PIN pad is one powerful device that offers two great payment options. With enhanced functionality and a revamped ergonomic design, this best-selling favorite comes with a reliable PIN pad for secure PIN-based transactions.

VeriFone 1000SE PIN Pad


VeriFone’s best-selling PIN pad 1000SE is a versatile solution for a variety of payment environments. With a revamped ergonomic design, the PINpad 1000SE combines two complete peripheral solutions, built-in contactless technology for payments at the wave of a hand and a reliable PIN pad for secure PIN-based transactions,into one powerful handheld product.

VeriFone CR 600 Check Reader


Now you can provide convenience for your check-paying customers, while protecting your business from the significant losses that can be caused by bad checks. The VeriFone CR 600 Check Reader is one of the best choices on the market.

VeriFone Vx 520

VeriFone’s VX 520 is a reliable, rugged countertop device that's built to last. It handles encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds thanks to its powerful processor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and also supports value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.

VeriFone Vx 570


The VeriFone® Vx 570 terminal combines state-of-the-art processing speed, the flexibility and choice of connection options, and the ability to load and utilize custom, industry-specific applications. The terminal allows the option of processing through either a dial-up or a broadband connection.