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We believe developers should be rewarded for their effort. Besides, lifetime residuals will get you more pumped than any energy drink can.

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Everything you need is one place to make integration simple and fast. So jump on into our sandbox and do something epic.

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Get expert help from the folks who actually built the platform and created the API docs. The only thing they love to do more than code is help fellow coders.

Code Free Integrations

Hosted MPA

EpicPay’s Merchant Application can be integrated into your client’s website via API or iFrame.

Hosted Payment

Hosted Donations, Hosted Checkout. A complimentary, secure e-commerce solution that is customizable to existing site and branding.

Document coming soon

Token Migration

Seamless process for importing card-on-file data tokens and recurring/subscription payment scheduless directly from your previous processor.

Document coming soon

Alerts – Text/Email

Notification of new account activation, and password reset requests and more.


For encrypting data before sending to EpicPay (Including token migration)

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