Being Epic means going above and beyond what others are doing and delivering extraordinary experiences for our customer, regardless of the size or complexity of their business.

Our friendly support teams are here to help you with what ever your question may be.

During Business Hours


Customer Support

In-Store, Online, Mobile and Enterprise merchants can capture sales from whichever channel is most convenient for their customers.

1-866-377-3287 (option 2, then 2)

Partner Support

If you are an existing partner or interested in learning more about partnering with EpicPay.

1-866-377-3287 (option 4)

Technical Support

If you are a merchant and need support for POS equipment or have other terminal related questions.

1-866-377-3287 (option 2, then 1)

Developer Support

If you have API or Integration questions.

1-866-377-3287 (option 2, then 2)

Comparing EpicPay to Stripe Support Plans for customers of any size or complexity

EpicPay Support

Stripe Premium Support

Contact Methods

Dedicated Support for Email, Phone and Chat
Stripe Premium Support

Response Times


Support Manager

Dedicated Support Manager who understands your unique business requirements

Emergency Support

Get a response within minutes

Customized Insights

Support reviews with personalized recommendations

Additional Professional Services

Strategic Account Management

Optimize market expansion, acceptance rates and more with your account manager

Technical Account Management

Monitor product performance, troubleshoot integration code, and create custom solutions with your account manager guidance from technical experts