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Take a Closer Look at the PayFac Model.

In today’s fast paced world of commerce, speed-to-market, ease-of-operation, and an exceptional end-user experience are paramount to success. But when you’re “the little guy”, it can be challenging for a merchant to align with a processor without having to go through the long, often arduous process of underwriting and obtaining a traditional Merchant Identification [MID] […]

Pay Up! It’s Out With The Old, In With The New.

Let’s shoot straight here. Integrated payment processing isn’t exactly scintillating. But like auto insurance and that pesky dental check-up, merchants and other small businesses need it. In today’s crazy world of on-the-move, online, on-demand purchasers, you better be on your game – but only if you want your business and the business so your merchants […]


Welcome to the launch of our EpicPay blog. We have been focused on the global payments space for the past eighteen years and have built an award winning, flexible, secure, and reliable integrated payment technology platform. We have gained incredible perspective on the rapidly evolving industry and the challenges faced by today’s payment partners. Technology […]