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This page includes information about the FCAC Complaint Handling Process (Section 1) and Canadian Fee Disclosures (Section 2).

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Section 1

Canadian Credit and Debit Card Industry- Complaint Handling Process.

Canadian Merchant Complaint Form

Disclaimer: This section is applicable to EpicPay’s Canadian merchants. If you are a U.S. merchant, please contact the customer support team at 1-866-377-3287 for assistance and guidance.

In April 2015, amendments to the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry (The Code of Conduct) by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) were made. The changes require a clear dispute and resolution process, which provides for an investigation and a timely response for all complaints pertaining to the Code of Conduct. For more information, please visit https://www.canada.ca/en/financial-consumer-agency/services/industry/laws-regulations/credit-debit-code-conduct.html

In cooperation with the FCAC, EpicPay has developed its complaint handling process as follows:

Step 1 – Initial Complaint

If a Merchant believes that EpicPay’s conduct may be contrary to any of the Merchant-Acquirer Policy Elements outlined in the Code of Conduct; the Merchant can file a complaint via the form above.  Please email the completed form and all other inquiries to canadasupport@epicpay.com

EpicPay will acknowledge the receipt of a Merchant’s complaint within five business days, and our final response within thirty working days. This response will include:

  • A summary of the complaint
  • The result of the investigation
  • Explanation of the final decision
  • Information on how to further escalate the complaint.
  • If we cannot provide a final response within thirty working days, we will inform the Merchant of a new expected response time.

Step 2 – Escalation

If a resolution cannot be achieved via Step 1, the Merchant is asked to escalate the issue with:
Escalated Complaints: ISOEscalated Complaints: Acquirer
WorldPay from FIS
Ops Complaint Management
8500 Governors Hill Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45249
1-800 548-5326 option 3
Peoples Trust Company
95 Wellington St. W Suite 1310
Toronto, ON M5J 2N7
Details on how to file a complaint by phone, email or regular mail is detailed at the link above.

Section 2

Fee Disclosure

EpicPay and its sales partners are responsible for setting fees for transactions and other charges. The recommended one rate fees are below.  If the merchant has requested Interchange Plus pricing, the effective interchange rate for each payment card is below. The interchange fee goes to the issuing bank and card brands, allowing the merchant to see the fees EpicPay and its sales partners charge for processing the transactions.
Payment Card TypeOne RateInterchange Plus
American Express Cards2.89% + $0.251.90% + $X.XX
American Express Corporate Purchasing Cards2.89% + $0.251.90% + $X.XX
American Express Prepaid Cards2.89% + $0.251.90% + $X.XX
Mastercard Business Cards2.89% + $0.252.00% + $X.XX
Mastercard Business Premium Cards2.89% + $0.252.25% + $X.XX
Mastercard Corporate Cards2.89% + $0.251.80% + $X.XX
Mastercard Corporate Premium Cards2.89% + $0.251.40% + $X.XX
Mastercard Debit Cards2.89% + $0.251.15% + $X.XX
Mastercard International Cards2.89% + $0.251.60% + $X.XX
Mastercard Prepaid Cards2.89% + $0.251.55% + $X.XX
Mastercard Standard Cards2.89% + $0.252.06% + $X.XX
Mastercard World Cards2.89% + $0.252.30% + $X.XX
Mastercard World Elite Cards2.89% + $0.252.54% + $X.XX
Union Pay Credit Cards2.89% + $0.251.10% + $X.XX
Visa Business Cards2.89% + $0.252.00% + $X.XX
Visa Business Premium Cards2.89% + $0.252.25% + $X.XX
Visa Corporate Cards2.89% + $0.252.00% + $X.XX
Visa Corporate Premium Cards2.89% + $0.252.25% + $X.XX
Visa Debit Cards2.89% + $0.251.15% + $X.XX
Visa Infinite Cards2.89% + $0.251.65% + $X.XX
Visa Infinite Privilege Cards2.89% + $0.252.40% + $X.XX
Visa International Cards2.89% + $0.251.60% + $X.XX
Visa Prepaid Cards2.89% + $0.251.52% + $X.XX
Visa Standard Credit Cards2.89% + $0.251.40% + $X.XX

Other Fees

One Time Fees Other Variable Fees 
One-Time Merchant Setup Fee$Batch Fee$
Monthly FeesRetrieval Fees$
Monthly Statement/Service Fee$Chargeback Fees
Early Termination Fee$
Transaction FeesGateway Fees (EpicPay)
Visa Authorization Fee$Monthly Fee$
MasterCard Authorization Fee$Per Transaction$
American Express Authorization Fee$Account Updater Per Item$
AVS Fee$