Pay Up! It’s Out With The Old, In With The New.

Let’s shoot straight here. Integrated payment processing isn’t exactly scintillating. But like auto insurance and that pesky dental check-up, merchants and other small businesses need it.

In today’s crazy world of on-the-move, online, on-demand purchasers, you better be on your game – but only if you want your business and the business so your merchants can grow and prosper. Today’s purchaser barely resembles the purchaser of a decade ago so it makes sense for you to offer a seamless payment solution to merchants that allows them to meet that restless consumer on their terms. They want payment options – credit cards, mobile, gift cards, PayPal, and whatever trendy new method surfaces.

And with all this warp-speed madness, yesterday’s credit card transaction is so, well, yesterday. Slow. Clunky. Cumbersome. And prone to time-burning mistakes. Consider:

Traditional credit card transactions include five steps:

  1. Merchants receive customer’s order by phone or online.
  2. Credit card number is entered into their system.
  3. Save transaction receipt, print invoice then staple together [every transaction that day!]
  4. At closing time, match paper invoices to e-invoices and apply payments.
  5. Manually adjust their Accounts Receivable and General Ledger to reflect payments. [And go home late … again.]

Holy 8-track player!

These days, Integrated Payment Processing streamlines the process:

  1. Merchants receive customer’s order via phone or online.
  2. Credit card number is entered into their accounting software.
  3. Then they sit back and lean on the integration to instantly process payments and assign accordingly and accurately.

Speedy. Smooth. Simple and seamless. What’s not to love? And you can now offer integrated payment solutions that capture and optimizes real-time data to help Merchants better manage cash flow and operate more efficiently.

Still not sure? OK, chew on this:

  • Integration expands your offerings – By integrating into a full-service payment system, you are adding the value of convenience, reliability and the security of a payment processing platform that removes obstacles for your customers and creates an exceptional experience.
  • Integration offers new and flexible payment models – Integrated payment processing allows you the control to offer different payment models that are best for your business. By offering things like gates premium content, or multiple levels of payments based on customer usage, the possibilities are endless.
  • Integration reduces time and friction – With our award-winning platform and easy-to-integrate APIs, development is a snap. Everything you need to get up and running is in one place, making integration simple and fast. C’mon and play in our sandbox!
  • Integration strengthens security – Everything’s in the cloud which means it’s safe, secure and accessible 24/7. Servers operate from data centers with multi-layered security that makes them impervious to natural disasters like fire, flood or other catastrophes that might otherwise shut down a merchant or small business.

Yep, we need to chat, don’t we? Your merchants have challenges. We have solutions. Contact EpicPay today to learn more.