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Our payments API and unified commerce platform supports today’s modern payments and settlement rails. It’s the infrastructure powering high-speed, frictionless payments via our proprietary gateway and virtual terminal, or through nearly any POS system, smart terminal or gateway.








API Integrations

Simple steps to an Epic connection.

We love developers. But we realize payments integration is just another thing to check off their “To DO” list so we developed APIs and code-free tools that enable immediate connection to our payment rails. And because making that connection is so simple, we received the industry’s first-ever perfect score for Account Boarding ease (First Place, 2018-2019 Gateway Award, Account Boarding Process, TSG Annual Developer/API Awards), and also won Second Place awards for API Response Code docs and API integration – outperforming Stripe, Square, Braintree,, Shopify and many others in the industry.

Full API Library – Do you have a favorite technology stack ? Use it! Our Restful API is language – and platform – agnostic, making integrations simple, no matter how you code.

Webhooks – Receive events when customer transactions are made. It’s a great way to know your customers are being served with care.

Shopping Plug-Ins – Plug-in our code and we will handle all the risky stuff from cart to purchase.

Seamless tools to make your business Epic. It really is a labor of love for us.

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Frictionless Onboarding

More flexibility, less friction

EpicPay’s real-time, rule-based underwriting API allows you to finally do away with bulky applications and paper contracts. (Yuck.) With just a few data inputs, accounts are approved and boarded in minutes.

Boarding – We give you the option to use our hosted enrollment page or our Award-Winning boarding API that easily connects and receives payments in record time.

Application – With minimal information and a “click to agree”, our online app incorporates credit card and ACH acceptance into one fast, simple process. Applications are initiated via iframe, API, email or URL links.

In-House Underwriting – Our automated, rule-based underwriting process creates near-instantaneous activations. That means integrated compliance checks, minimized manual reviews and, most importantly, near-permanent customer smiles.

Omni-Channel Solutions

Whether you’re a Merchant, NPO, Developer, ISV, or aspiring Payment Facilitator, the Epic Platform is the complete solution for all your credit card, ACH and alternative payment needs.


The Epic Gateway and Virtual Terminal is our PCI DSS Level 1-Compliant solution which is robust and easy to use, with features including.
  • eWallet – securely store customers’ payment info via multiple tokenization methods while staying out of PCI scope.
  • Auto Updater – Lowers your risk of delayed payments and lets us take care of updating expired cards.
  • Recurring Payments – Have a subscription? We have a recurring solution.
  • Custom Hosted Payment Pages – A complimentary online solution hosted on our servers and customizable to match your branding. Get the security and convenience of PayPal without the high PayPal fees.
  • Other Gateways and Shopping Carts – Connectivity to nearly any gateway and shopping cart.
  • Interchange Optimization – Pass Level II/III data to reduce interchange rates.

In-Store Merchant

The latest in POS technology, allows us to accept the latest forms of payments such as EMV, NFC, and more!
  • Point of Sale
  • Countertop
  • Wireless / Bluetooth
  • PIN Pad

Mobile Merchant

For merchants on the go, Epic offers convenience and confidence of secure transactions with EMV and P2PE.
  • Mobile App – Use your mobile phone and EMV/NFC enabled card reader to accept payments which reduces fees and chargebacks.
  • Mobile POS Terminals – All-in-one mobile EMV and P2PE solution with additional POS features and functionality.

Transaction Management

Easily process payments and reconcile deposits

Whether you need to take payments, manage recurring billing, reconcile deposits, or create an alert, it’s simple and fast with our online reporting.

Process Payments

Process Payments

Easily accept swiped or key-entered sales, voids, or issue refunds

Helpful Alerts

Create notifications for chargebacks, refunds and more

Transaction and Settlement Reporting

Easily reconcile all transaction and deposit activity

Custom Reports

Exportable custom reporting data

Processing Statements

View and download your monthly processing statements

Recurring Payment Management

Manage recurring/subscription plans

Partner Portal

The Epic Portal provides partners with the support they deserve with on-time support and real-time insight into all the information you need to ensure a first-class experience – for you and your merchants.

Online App

A single, easy and fast e-Sign app gives access to multiple processors and solutions for both Credit Card and ACH acceptance.

PCI Compliance Management

Be in the know and equipped to help your merchants with their PCI compliance status.

Account User Management

Grant various levels of access to portfolio and residual data to internal, external and referral agents.

Custom Templates

Create URL links to applications with pre-set solutions and pricing.


Receive immediate approval and boarding status notifications.

Security / Compliance

Ensuring all data traveling across our rails is safe and secure and maintaining industry compliance is of paramount importance to us. That’s why our technology incorporates the latest in security.

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant

Provide data security at the highest level including the latest forms of encryption, reducing PCI audit scope.

Point-to-Point Encryption

Protecting cardholder data throughout the lifecycle of a transaction.


Encrypting sensitive data using various forms of tokenization including one-time, multi-use and eWallet formats.

Token Migration

Fast and Secure Migration of stored customer payment information (tokens) from your old provider to EpicPay in a simple, PCI DSS-compliant manner.


Reduce PCI audit scope and fraudulent chargebacks by utilizing a device that accepts credit cards with EMV chip.

Hosted Payment Pages

Customizable e-commerce solutions that match existing branding and requires no coding. All payment data is captured on secure servers, enabling simple SAQ-A PCI compliance.
Epic Security


Beyond great solutions, nothing beats our friendly, dedicated support team available by phone, chat or email. Welcome to Epic Service, where everyone gets first-class treatment.

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Dev Support
  • Partner Support
  • Integration / ISV Support

We are here for all your needs and we enjoy a good conversation. It’s a win win for everyone.

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