Take a Closer Look at the PayFac Model.

In today’s fast paced world of commerce, speed-to-market, ease-of-operation, and an exceptional end-user experience are paramount to success. But when you’re “the little guy”, it can be challenging for a merchant to align with a processor without having to go through the long, often arduous process of underwriting and obtaining a traditional Merchant Identification [MID] number.

That has all changed with the emergence of Payment Facilitators (PayFac for short) that offer sub-merchant platforms. It used to take months for new merchants to be up and running. These days, some established PayFacs offer sub-merchant platforms that can help them get there in 1-2 days … and sometimes in mere minutes!

Let’s take a closer look …

Principal Players

There are three parties involved in the PayFac Model:

Acquirer – Works with the PayFac to facilitate and administer the application/underwriting process, negotiates a pricing structure, and enables the integration of a payment technology. The Acquirer also monitors the PayFac’s compliance with operating regulations and ensures due diligence when onboarding and boarding Sub-Merchants.

PayFac [That us … EpicPay] —  Undergoes the comprehensive process to register with an Acquirer, including integrating payments technology and infrastructure. Most significantly, the PayFac assumes all risk and liability for their Sub-Merchants.

Sub-Merchants — Signs up with PayFacs offering the sub-merchant platform to accept payments from customers and to open the doors to their business as quickly as possible.

Why Should You Use EpicPay as Your Payment Facilitator?

In a nutshell, we make your life easier … a whole lot easier.

We simplify and streamline merchant account enrollment and onboarding by offering you a complete, white-label payment processing solution. By aggregating and boarding Sub-Merchants on our platform and under our MID, we offer them the fastest route-to-market; assume the hassles and headaches of underwriting; and ensure a smooth and efficient payment processing experience for the Sub-Merchant’s customer.

This ultimately leads to more control over the processing experience, higher merchant conversion rates, and the opportunity to earn more revenue. We provide all the resources needed to build or purchase payments technology; ensure we adhere to all regulations to register as a PCI Level 1 or Level 2 validated service-provider; and — Whew! for you —  also take on all liability for fraud, chargebacks and data breaches. In so many ways, EpicPay’s got your back. Contact us today to learn more.